Custom Built
Our Yards and Fences
We understand that a set of yards is a major investment for any operation. Our competitively priced custom built stock yards are an advantage to anyone looking for a good solid set of yards.

We exaggerate the word CUSTOM. We build any idea your looking for.

Yards are all cut, welded & concreted onsite from slings of steel (no pre-fabricated panels).

There is no disadvantage to custom built. Design modifications can be made as the build takes place, warranting the fundamental outcome for the client.

Areas we consider when designing custom stockyards:
- Stock flow (we understand their behaviours to reduce stress levels of stock and workers)
- Operator safety
- Low maintenance
- Yard location & size (we look for good drainage & road access)
- Construction materials (welded, quality gall steel)
- Yard features (straight or curved race, holding yards, capacity…)
- Gate latches (slam catch, chain latch)
- Race and forcing yard (width, height of top rail, sight of angle into race, catwalk)
- Crush shelter
- Loading ramp

We offer additions to existing yards and take the above areas into consideration to ensure a calmer working environment for stock and workers.

No individual yard design is the same; AD Contracting caters for all your yard requirements.

Let us work with you, we’re genuine and won’t let you down.

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